Consumption, innovation and the environment

Environmental Policy and Corporate Behaviour


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ISBN: 978 1 84720 032 7
Published: 1 February 2007

Edited by Nick Johnstone. Published by Edward Elgar Publishing.

For the last 30 years, analysis of the inner workings of the firm has been largely absent from economic assessments of environmental policy. Recent work has highlighted the importance of understanding a firm’s commercial motivations, decision-making procedures and organisational structure when designing and implementing public environmental policies. Environmental Policy and Corporate Behaviour responds to this need, investigating the many internal challenges faced by firms seeking to implement new policies and achieve significant and long-lasting environmental progress.

The authors provide an in-depth empirical analysis of an industrial survey undertaken in seven OECD countries (Japan, France, Germany, Hungary, Norway, Canada and the United States), spanning 4000 facilities in all manufacturing sectors, including small and medium-sized enterprises. They use their findings to illustrate the links between public (government) environmental policies and private (firm and facility) environmental management, investments, innovation and performance.

With a specific focus on the public policy implications of the empirical findings, the book provides a foundation upon which to formulate public and corporate policy in the environmental sphere. Adopting a multi-disciplinary approach, the book will appeal to academics and policymakers with an interest in economics of the environment, as well as presenting business and management perspectives.

“In conclusion, this volume should be in the libraries of those who have the duty of drafting the policies required to meet the world's current environmental challenges, as well as academics who are interested in being at the frontier of empirical work on corporate environmental behavior. […] This book highlights why corporate structure and the decision-making processes of businesses should not be ignored in the effort to achieve a globally sustainable economy.”

Stephen J. DeCanio (Ecological Economics 2008, p.343)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Public Environmental Policy an Corporate Behaviour: Project Background, Overview of the Data and Summary Results

Nick Johnstone, Céline Serravalle, Pascale Scapecchi and Julien Labonne
Chapter 2. Environmental Management Systems and Practices: An International Perspective

Irene Henriques and Perry Sadorsky
Chapter 3. Many a Slip ‘Twixt the Cup and the Lip: Direct and Indirect Public Policy Incentives to Improve Corporate Environmental Performance

Nick Johnstone, Matthieu Glachant, Céline Serravalle, Nicolas Riedinger and Pascale Scapecchi
Chapter 4. An Empirical Study of Environmental R&D: What Encourages Facilities to be Environmentally-Innovative?

Toshi H. Arimura, Akira Hibiki and Nick Johnstone
Chapter 5. End-of-Pipe or Cleaner Production? An Empirical Comparison of Environmental Innovation Decisions Across OECD Countries

Manuel Frondel, Jens Horbach and Klaus Rennings
Chapter 6. Understanding the Relationship between a Facility’s Environmental and Financial Performance

Nicole Darnall, G. Jason Jolley and Bjarne Ytterhus
Chapter 7. Environmental Policy & Corporate Behaviour: Policy Conclusions

Nick Johnstone
Annex 1. Participating Research Teams and Government Advisory Group
Annex 2. Survey Design and Protocol

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