Consumption, innovation and the environment

Energy and Climate Policy: Bending the Technological Trajectory


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Technological innovation can lower the cost of achieving environmental objectives, so it is important to understand how environmental policy design and technological innovation are linked.

This is particularly true in the area of climate change where the estimated future costs of reducing greenhouse gas emissions are affected greatly by the technological trajectory of the economy. While we suspect that public policy can play an important role in accelerating the development and diffusion of climate change mitigation and adaptation technologies, empirical evidence in this area remains scant.

This book presents a series of papers that explore the extent to which technological innovation can lower the cost of achieving climate change mitigation objectives. Consult our Policy brief.

Table of contents


Chapter 1. Recent trends in innovation in climate change mitigation technologies

Chapter 2. The determinants of innovation in electricity generation technologies: A patent data analysis

Chapter 3. Technological change, fuel efficiency and carbon intensity in electricity generation: A cross-country empirical study

Chapter 4. Increasing the penetration of intermittent renewable energy: Innovation in energy storage and grid management

Chapter 5. International technology agreements for climate change: Analysis based on co-invention data

Chapter 6. Energy and climate policy: Conclusions and further policy research

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