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Global Forum on the Environment – Key issues for the post-2012 climate framework


Global Forum on the Environment – Key issues for the post-2012 climate framework
Organised by the Climate Change Expert Group on the UNFCCC
21-22 April 2010
OECD Conference Centre; Paris, France


Chair's Summary   List of Participants


Welcome address
Paul Watkinson, Forum Chair


1. Financing climate action
What key policy frameworks can facilitate private investments across relevant sectors, and within each sector, towards projects fostering mitigation?

  • Private Sector Capital Deployment, Rupert Edwards, Climate Change Capital (teleconference)
  • International Climate Initiative, Martin Weiss, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Germany (teleconference)
  • Tracking additional climate funds, Jessica Brown, Overseas Development Institute
  • Climate Change Financing, Remi Paris, OECD Development Cooperation Directorate

Discussant: Vrilly Rondonuwu, Ministry of Environment, Republic of Indonesia


2. Advancing national climate strategies
What is needed to incentivise and implement national climate mitigation actions?

  • Developing the UK Low-Carbon Transition Plan, Alon Carmel, UK DECC
  • Incentivising and implementing climate change actions in Egypt, Ahmed El-Gohary, Egyptian Ministry of Investment
  • Establishing a low-emissions development strategy in Nigeria, Huzi Mshelia, Independent Consultant (teleconference)


3. National Communications 
What is useful in a National Communication and what not? What is the information needed for?

  • “Strawman” presentation of core elements, Jane Ellis, OECD


Discussants: Erasmia Kitou, EU; Fatou Gaye, Gambia; MJ Mace, Micronesia, Ambassador Burhan Gafoor, Singapore; Thomas Black, Colombia; Vrilly Rondonuwu, Indonesia.
Reactions and discussions by delegates


4. National Communications and capacity building
How is information in National Communications used?

  • Lessons learned from Annex I and non-Annex I National Communications, Yolando Velasco, UNFCCC
  • Lessons from the UNDP National Communications Support Programme, Yamil Bonduki, UNDP (teleconference)
  • Lessons learned from GHG-related capacity building initiatives, Baptiste Legay, EC
  • Developing capacity for market mechanisms, Valdis Bisters, Latvia


Workshop close, Paul Watkinson.


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