Climate change

Climate Change Expert Group Global Forum on the New UNFCCC Market Mechanism and Tracking Climate Finance (March 2012)


Co-organised by the OECD and the IEA - 19-20 March 2012, International Energy Agency, Paris           


This CCXG Global Forum (Agenda and List of Participants) brought together representatives from a wide range of countries and organisations to discuss issues relating to the new UNFCCC market mechanism and tracking climate finance. There were over 160 participants representing 50 different countries and organisations, including representatives from non-member developing countries, non-governmental organisations, the UNFCCC Secretariat, business, industry and research institutes. In addition to plenary discussions on the current status of the international climate change negotiations and the design and governance of the new market mechanism, the seminar featured breakout groups on the topics of (i) tracking private sector and recipient climate finance flows; (ii) definitional questions relating to MRV of climate finance; (iii) setting crediting baselines for market mechanisms; and (iv) setting national baselines. The presentations made by speakers are available below.

Day 1

Welcoming Remarks

  • Fernando Tudela, Chair of the Climate Change Expert Group

1. Opening Plenary:


Taking Stock of the COP 17 Outcome and Planning for COP 18

2. Plenary session:


General Principles for the Design and Governance of a New Market Mechanism under the UNFCCC



Day 2

3a. Breakout group



MRV of Finance: Tracking Private Sector and Recipient Flows


  • Burhan Gafoor, Singapore
  • Georg Børsting, Norway



3a. Breakout group



MRV of Finance: Definitional Questions


Session summary (parts I and II)

 3b. Breakout group



Baselines: Setting Crediting Baselines for Market Mechanisms


  • Hugh Sealy, Grenada
  • Ulla Blatt Bendtsen, Denmark


Session summary

3b. Breakout group



Baselines: Setting Baselines for National Planning


3b Session summary

4. Closing Plenary

  • Feedback from breakout groups
  • Discussion of next steps

 * The CCXG Secretariat would like to thank the EC for funding for this event, as well as Australia, EC, Finland, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and US for their direct funding of the CCXG in 2011/12. The CCXG Secretariat gratefully acknowledges in-kind support from the UK, Denmark, OECD and IEA.