Public employment and management

Public Employment and Management Working Party


The Public Employment and Management (PEM) Working Party serves as a collaborative forum and platform for policy-makers and experts from public sector entities entrusted with civil service management responsibilities. The working party collectively addresses major PEM and HRM challenges. Its goal is to strengthen the performance and strategic orientation of public sector organisations by helping countries to improve human resource investments, management and development to create the conditions for inclusive growth and resilient economies. 


PEM Working Party activities

    • Carry out analysis and research that will assist the Public Governance Committee in its efforts to build and maintain a body of robust quantitative and qualitative data and indicators on public sector inputs, processes and outputs;

    • Identify and exchange information and experience on emerging issues and trends;

    • Collect and disseminate good practices and cross country data;

    • Develop policy and analytical tools;

    • Support reviews of Human Resource Management systems;

    • Contribute to horizontal initiatives including Public Governance Reviews, Government at a Glance publications, and the Observatory of Public Sector Innovation.