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  • 23-September-2020


    Leadership for a high performing civil service

    Working paper identifies the leadership capabilities that are necessary to respond to complex policy challenges and the policies, processes and tools needed to develop these capabilities and support leaders in using them. The paper concludes with recommendations to help governments take a systematic approach to the development and management of their public service leaders.

  • 14-November-2019


    Government at a Glance

    Government at a Glance provides a dashboard of key indicators to help you analyse international comparisons of public sector performance.

  • 13-November-2019


    Civil Service Leaders’ Roundtable: "The Future Of Work in the Public Service"

    In 2019, the OECD Council adopted the Recommendation on Public Service Leadership and Capability (PSLC), which defines 14 principles of a fit-for-purpose public service. Transforming these principles into action requires a future-oriented understanding of how the work of civil servants is changing. The Roundtable will inform ongoing OECD analysis in this area.

  • 7-November-2019


    Innovation Skills and Leadership in Brazil's Public Sector - Towards a Senior Civil Service System

    In Brazil, as in other countries, innovation in the public sector is a core leadership challenge. Reflection is required on who these leaders are, what they should be able to do, and how they should be selected and held accountable to achieve results. This study establishes a new assessment framework for senior civil service (SCS) systems, based on the 2019 OECD Recommendation on Public Service Leadership and Capability. Using this framework, the study assesses Brazil’s current system and recommends specific actions to improve it. The report also contributes to a broader debate on public leadership competencies in public sector innovation, and the systems needed to appoint the most effective people and help them achieve results.
  • 17-January-2019


    OECD Recommendation on Public Service Leadership and Capability

    The OECD Recommendation on Public Service Leadership and Capability outlines 14 key principles to help governments ensure that their public services are fit for purpose for today’s policy challenges, and capable of taking their public sectors into the future.

  • 23-July-2018


    Public consultation: What should a fit-for-purpose public service look like?

    How should we be managing our public employees and setting public employment policy? The OECD is developing the first international Recommendation on Public Service Leadership and Capability and we want to hear from you. A public consultation is open to all public employees and interested citizens. Deadline is the 14th September 2018.

  • 8-June-2018


    Benchmarking Civil Service Reform in Kazakhstan

    Civil service modernisation is a key priority in Kazakhstan. This report uses the OECD's Survey on Strategic Human Resource Management (HRM) in central governments to examine how Kazakhstan’s practices compare against OECD countries in several strategic areas. It explores how Kazakhstan is looking at skills and competencies throughout the employment cycle; how performance and pay systems contribute to improving public service quality, accessibility and responsiveness; and the role leaders and managers play in the reform implementation process. The report suggests areas for further improvement to help Kazakhstan develop a professional, strategic and innovative civil service.
  • 30-January-2018


    Public Employment and Management Working Party

    The Public Employment and Management (PEM) Working Party serves as a collaborative forum and platform for policy-makers and experts from public sector entities entrusted with civil service management responsibilities.

  • 11-September-2017

    English, PDF, 1,692kb

    Highlights brochure - Skills for a High Performing Civil Service

    This document presents the highlights brochure for the publication Skills for a High Performing Civil Service

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  • 11-September-2017


    Skills for a High Performing Civil Service

    Civil servants make an important contribution to national growth and prosperity. Today, however, digitalisation and more demanding, pluralistic and networked societies are challenging the public sector to work in new ways. This report looks at the capacity and capabilities of civil servants of OECD countries. It explores the skills required to make better policies and regulations, to work effectively with citizens and service users, to commission cost-effective service delivery, and to collaborate with stakeholders in networked settings. The report also suggests approaches for addressing skills gaps through recruitment, development and workforce management.
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