Public employment and management

OECD Assessment of Ireland’s second Public Service Reform Plan (2014 - 2016)


The OECD was invited to assess key elements of the Second Irish Public Service Reform Plan (PSRP 2014-2016), with a view to informing future public service reform efforts in Ireland.

This report evaluates Ireland’s Second Public Service Reform Plan on its:

  1. Achievements;
  2. Design; and,
  3. Governance and project management approach.

The assessment finds that the PSRP 2014-16 was by-and-large successful in terms of completing the majority of the activities it set out to do. Implementation of the Plan created a Public Service-wide approach to reform, increasing awareness and visibility of reform efforts, establishing a reporting framework for greater accountability, and creating networks to learn from departmental good practices. The whole-of-service plan also contributed to increasing strategic planning and project management capacity in some departments to deliver on PSRP actions. 


While the reform narrative acknowledges the need to strengthen service quality and citizen focus, there remains a strong emphasis on achieving cost reductions and efficiencies through its cross-cutting actions. While this is positive, more could have been done to help the plan realise its message of achieving better outcomes for all stakeholders by helping sectors translate savings from corporate efficiencies into improved services and outcomes.   




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