OECD urges France to help older workers stay in employment - Media briefing 16 March


11/03/2005 - A new OECD report, Ageing and Employment Policies in France, notes that the pension system reforms made two years ago have had little effect. Older workers are still quitting the workforce early. Less than half of them move directly from a job to a pension. The rest move to shadowy areas of pre-retirement such as public or private early retirement schemes and unemployment insurance, from which they rarely return to jobs.

Ageing and Employment Policies in France credits the government for moving forward, but says much more is needed to change perceptions and to prepare people to work longer. Compared to many OECD countries which have already introduced new measures to encourage people stay in the work force, France has a low employment rate of people over 50 years old. 

Martine Durand, deputy-director of OECD's Employment, Labour and Social Affairs, and Anne Sonnet, the author of the report, will brief journalists at 11:00 on Wednesday 16 March at OECD headquarters, outlining the present situation and detailing the OECD's concrete recommendations to promote employment opportunities for the over-50s.

To obtain a copy of the publication or to attend the briefing, please contact the OECD Press Office (Tel: + 33 1 45 24 97 00).  This publication will be issued in French. A summary is available in English and the full publication in English will be issued in June. 


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