Ms. Anni Sinnemäki, Minister of Labour, Finland



Ms. Anni Sinnemäki,

Minister of Labour, Finland


Minister of Labour, 26 June 2009 to present

Party Leader, Bachelor of Arts, Member of Parliament
The Greens of Finland


The Greens of Finland, Vice Chair 2003-2007, Chair 2009 to present


Member of Parliament, 1999 to present

Green Parliamentary Group, 2nd Vice Chair 2001-2003, Chair 2007-2009


Memberships in Parliamentary Committees, e.g. Finance Committee 2000-2007, Defence Committee 1999-2003, Social Affairs and Health Committee 2008-2009, Employment and Equality Committee 1999-2000 (Deputy Member 2008-2009)


Subcommittee for Administration and Control, Chair 2003-2007 Finnish Delegation to the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, Member 1999-2003







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