Programme for the Policy Forum on the Future of Work


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 Welcome address by Mr. Ángel Gurría, Secretary General of the OECD


 Setting the scene: Digitisation and the Future of Work

 This session will set the scene by presenting contrasting scenarios on how digitisation is re-shaping work.

 Panellists: Mr. Philippe Aghion (Harvard University), Prof. Eli Noam (Columbia University), Mr. Giuseppe Recchi (Chairman, Telecom Italia), Mr. Guy Ryder (Director General, ILO), Mr. David Plouffe (Senior Vice President of Policy and Strategy, Uber) and Mr. Philip Jennings (General Secretary, Uni Global Union).




 Parallel Lunch Session

 Entrepreneurs will describe how digital innovation has created opportunities and opened new markets.

 Panellists: Mr. Marco de Rossi (OilProject), Mr. Bernd Liepert (Chief Innovations Officer, KUKA AG, President EU-Robotics),  Mr. Michael Nelson (Public Policy, Cloudflare) and Mr. Augustin Verlinde (Frizbiz).


 Policy implications: Skills in the future of work

 Special attention will be given to the nature of skills required and the role of employers, training institutions and workers in offering and seeking training; the organisation of lifelong learning; etc.

 Panellists:Prof. Lisa Lynch (Interim President, Brandeis University), Ms. Janina Kugel (Chief Human Resources Officer and Member of the Managing Board, Siemens AG), Mr. Jacques van den Broek (CEO and chairman of the Executive Board of Randstad Holding nv) and Mr. William Spriggs (Chief Economist Afl-CIO and TUAC).


 Policy implications: Labour market institutions in the future of work

 Special attention will be given to social security systems, employment protection, job quality and job mobility in the context of changing work arrangements (e.g. increased free-lancing, greater opportunities  for off-shoring).

 Conversation between Ms. Andrea Nahles (Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Germany) and Mr. Thomas Perez (Secretary of Labour, United States), followed by an open discussion. Remarks by Stefano Scarpetta (Director for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs, OECD), Mr. Brent Wilton (Global  Director, Workplace Rights and Human Rights, Coca-Cola) and Mr. John Evans (General Secretary, TUAC).


 Closure of Event


 Cocktail hosted by Ms. Andrea Nahles, Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Germany.


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