Live longer, Work longer


Live longer, work longer, 2006

Live Longer, Work Longer: A synthesis report
(published in 2006)

In an era of rapid population ageing, many employment and social policies, practices and attitudes that discourage work at an older age have passed their sell-by date and need to be overhauled. They not only deny older workers choice about when and how to retire but are costly for business, the economy and society. If nothing is done to promote better employment prospects for older workers, the number of retirees per worker in OECD countries will double over the next five decades. This will threaten living standards and put enormous pressure on the financing of social protection systems. To help meet these daunting challenges, work needs to be made a more attractive and rewarding proposition for older workers.
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NEW: OECD Review from 2011 to 2014

From mid-2011 and over the next three years, the OECD is implementing a follow-up review of its report, Live Longer, Work Longer, published in 2006.

Country reviews

  Australia  Executive summary    Japan (Japanese)  
   Austria  Executive summary  (German)     Korea  Executive summary
 ‌Belgium_small  Belgium (French)    Luxembourg_small  Luxembourg (French)  Executive summary
   Canada  Executive summary    Netherlands  Executive summary
   Czech Republic    Norway_small  Norway  
 Denmark_small  Denmark      Spain (Spanish)  
   Finland  Executive summary    Sweden  
   France  Executive summary  Switzerland_small  Switzerland (French)  
   Germany (German)  Executive summary    United Kingdom  Executive summary
   Ireland      United States  Executive summary


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