Local Employment and Economic Development (LEED Programme)

Capacity building seminar: Building enabling ecosystems for social enterprises


Capacity building seminar: Building enabling ecosystems for social enterprises

17-18 February 2016 - Brussels, Belgium


This seminar was a forum for an international exchange of information on the most successful programmes and policies supporting the establishment of effective ecosystems for social enterprises across the European Union.

Building on the discussions during the 2015 capacity building seminar, this seminar focused on the access of social enterprises to public and private markets as well as to finance. The role of enabling legal frameworks as well as of visibility and recognition tools, as facilitating elements to these endeavours, were also addressed.

The capacity building seminar gathered the main stakeholders who are concerned with building conducive ecosystems for social enterprises: policy makers and administrators, networks of social enterprises and social economy actors, social finance players. The first category includes ESF and ERDF Managing Authorities, or relevant national or regional government ministries and agencies that are responsible for the implementation of ESF or ERDF schemes and measures related to social entrepreneurship. 

This event is part of a series of seminars held for high-level policy makers in the European Union to facilitate mutual learning and build capacities related to the development of social entrepreneurship policies. It is a product of the co-operation between the European Commission and the OECD LEED (Local Economic and Employment Development Programme) Programme on policies for inclusive business creation and social entrepreneurship.



Summary Report


National Programme for Social Economy Development POLAND

The Finnish Social Enterprise Mark FINLAND

A Social Platform guide to the EU Public Procurement Directive

The Law on Social and Solidarity-based Enterprises FRANCE

Financing Agency for Social Entrepreneurship GERMANY

Brief background note on the UK government approach to social investment

Barcelona Social Clauses Guidelines 2015

Social Investment and ESIF in Portugal


Building Conductive Ecosystems for Social Enterprises 
Antonella Noya, OECD

Building conducive ecosystems for social enterprises: the Polish National Programme for Social Economy Development
Malgorzata Lublinska, Ministry of Economic Development, Poland

How cities can make the most of public procurement? City of Barcelona
Lluís Torrens Mèlich, Barcelona City Council, Spain

How can demand side interventions promote a market for social enterprises?
Kelly Glaser, Cabinet Office, London, UK

Presentation Corporate social responsibility and access to market for social enterprises
Alice Pedretti, CSR Europe, BE

FASE (Financing Agency for Social Entrepreneurship)
Ellinor Schweyer, co-founder, Germany

Social Investment in Portugal, Antonio Miguel, Managing Director
Social Investment Lab, Portugal

How and under what conditions can visibility and recognition tools facilitate the access to finance and access to markets?
Rocío Nogales, Managing director of EMES, member of the GECES

Lessons from the Social Enterprise Mark in Finland

Lippe Koivuneva, Senior Government Adviser, Legal Affairs, Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Finland

Legal Frameworks: do they make access to finance and market easier?
Luke Fletcher, European Social Enterprise Law Association (ESELA) UK

The French Law on Social and Solidarity Economy
Thomas Boisson, Head of Unit “Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) and Impact Investing” and Secretary General of the High SSE Council, France


CONTACT: For further information on the seminar, please contact the OECD Secretariat at the OECD LEED Programme