Local Employment and Economic Development (LEED Programme)

Capacity Building Seminar: Building enabling ecosystems for social enterprises - 22-23 April 2015


A series of seminars are held for high-level policy makers in the European Union in order to facilitate mutual learning and build capacities related to the development of social entrepreneurship policies.


22-23 April 2015

Brussels, Belgium


The aim of this Capacity Building Seminar is to have an international exchange of information on the most successful programmes and policies supporting the establishment of effective  ecosystems for social enteprises accross the European Union. The capacity building seminar will provide an opportunity to focus on key policy  areas, which can be seen as essential pillars of any ecosystem,  aiming at supporting the development and growth of social enteprises. Particular attention will be paid to: setting up enabling support structures for social enterprises at national level and providing a framework that fosters investment readiness together with a  tailored access to different funds. Building on discussions during the event and on feedback from participants, a second capacity building seminar will be organised in early 2016 to discuss further aspects of enabling ecosystems for social enterprises.



The capacity building seminar will gather the main stakeholders who are concerned with building conducive ecosystems for social enteprises; networks of social enterprises, social finance investors, policy makers  and administrators. The latter category includes ESF and ERDF Managing Authorities, or relevant national or regional government ministries and agencies that are responsible for the implementation of ESF or ERDF schemes and measures related to social entrepreneurship. Participants should have some knowledge and understanding of social entrepreneurship policies and actions in their country.



The 1.5 days seminar will be structured around discussions in plenary sessions and in working groups based on inputs from case studies and expert presentations. Inputs from international experts and the OECD staff will provide a framework for discussion. All sessions will be moderated  in order to identify common conclusions.

The seminar is designed to  provide a common knowledge and experience sharing platform among the participants, rather than a traditional and conventional “vertical capacity building” event. New and fresh knowledge is expected to be generated through such exchanges and due to the combination of the experience and knowledge all the participants will bring. The working language of the seminar will be English, and it is essential that all participants can communicate effectively in this language.











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For further information on the seminar, please contact the OECD Secretariat at the OECD LEED Programme, Paris, France.