Local Employment and Economic Development (LEED Programme)

Seminar on “Implementing Local Development Strategies”, Trento, Italy, 21-27 November 2004


Strategic planning, co-ordination of implementation, monitoring and evaluation of development projects are principle areas of governance in local development. The eastern European countries have diverse systems of local governance. Different levels of political, administrative and fiscal decentralisation are promoted and achieved. However, what is common among these countries is the need for a sustainable area-based development.

Local development strategies exist in nearly every local context. In some cases, stakeholders and beneficiaries have been included in the development of these strategies; in others a more bottom-down approach has been applied. However, only a few of these strategies have been effectively implemented. When looking at reasons, often lack of human, administrative and financial capacities in local government entities are cited. In many cases policy responses developed to overcome these obstacles do not take into account the potential to boost local employment and local development which can be generated through public private partnerships.

To meet all these challenges, the OECD LEED Programme through its Trento Centre for Local Development organises a one-week seminar for policy-makers and practitioners from Central Eastern and South Eastern Europe. The aims of this training week are:

  • To exchange experiences, success stories and failures;
  • To increase the understanding of area-based policies and strategies, main challenges and potential benefits among the participants;
  • To study in detail a selection of the most important instruments in local development for transition countries;
  • To consider how to develop integrated approaches that reflects the co-ordinating role of governance in responding to local needs.

The selection of participants from local governance entities and agencies will be competitive, based on their application. Their full application file should include:

The participants from national ministries will be nominated to the OECD through the competent Ministry by 3 September 2004. Nominees from national ministries should then send their application file including:

The seminar will take place in the premises of the newly created LEED Trento Centre for Local Development in Italy. The working language will be English, no translations facilities will be provided. Application deadline is 25 September 2004.

For more information on this seminar and on how to participate, please contact or by fax (+39.0461.277650)

Please read carefully the draft programme


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