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Local Implementation of Youth Guarantees: Emerging Lessons from European Experiences


This report looks at measures akin to the European vision of the Youth Guarantee that have been used in seven countries: Belgium (Flanders), Denmark, Germany, Finland, Norway, Poland and Sweden, and seeks to understand the involvement of the local level in their implementation.

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Local Implementation of Youth Guarantee: How to make it work?

In 2013 and 2014, following up on its earlier work on Local Youth Employment Strategies, the LEED Programme is undertaking a review of the implementation of ‌ guarantee in 8 European countries to identify key conditions and success factors and provide a set of practical policy recommendations relevant to national and local policy makers and practitioners. Read more...

Why an OECD's Action plan for Youth?

Endorsing the OECD’s Action Plan for Youth at the OECD’s annual Ministerial Meeting in Paris in May 2013, ministers underlined the need to focus attention on the most disadvantaged youth. Ensuring employment success for young people is a policy issue of particular relevance locally. Read more...

Reports on Youth Employment

see here all the LEED Reports related to local strategies for ‌youth employment.


The work is based on the support of the European Commission, the UK Commission on Employment and Skills and Voluntary Contributions of each participant country.



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