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OECD Employment Outlook 2006 Chapter 1. Short-term Labour Market Prospects and Introduction to the OECD Jobs Strategy Reassessment


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     ISBN: 9264023844
     Publication: 13/06/2006
     Pages: 280

Chapter 1. Short-term Labour Market Prospects and Introduction to the OECD Jobs Strategy Reassessment

Is the employment situation improving in OECD countries? Despite geopolitical tensions, large current account imbalances and soaring oil prices, economic growth is showing resilience in the OECD area and sustained moderate employment growth is projected to continue through 2007. As a result, unemployment rates should continue to ease, gradually reversing the rise in unemployment that accompanied the world economic slowdown earlier this decade. Despite improving business cycle conditions, approximately one-third of the working-age population is still either unemployed or inactive, on average, in the OECD area. This highlights the importance of a comprehensive employment strategy, such as that proposed in the 1994 OECD Jobs Strategy. Why does this strategy need to be updated in light of subsequent policy successes and failures and upcoming challenges?

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1. Recent labour market developments and prospects     
Economic outlook to the year 2007                   
Employment and unemployment                   
Real compensation                          
2. Reassessing the OECD Jobs Strategy                   
Purpose and scope of the reassessment               
How this issue of the OECD Employment Outlook contributes to the reassessment of the 1994 Jobs Strategy


List of tables

Be careful: The table 1.1 of the printed version of this publication contains some mistakes (see the corrigendum for this publication at However the right version of this table is available in the excel file on this page and via statlink.

1.1. Growth of real GDP in OECD countries
1.2. Employment and labour force growth in OECD countries
1.3. Unemployment in OECD countries
1.4. Real compensation per employee in the business sector in OECD countries


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