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► Expenditures on and participants to labour market programmes (annual)    

Labour market programmes (LMP) include public employment services, training, hiring subsidies and direct job creations in the public sector, as well as unemployment benefits.


  • Public expenditure as a percentage of GDP and in millions of national currency units


  • Participant stocks in LMP as a percentage of labour force and in number of persons

Details on the scope and comparability of data on labour market programmes
Coverage and classification of OECD labour market programmes 
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► Strictness of employment protection (annual)    

The OECD indicators of employment protection measure the procedures and costs involved in dismissing individuals or groups of workers and the procedures involved in hiring workers on fixed-term or temporary work agency contracts.

  •  Strictness of employment protection - individual and collective dismissals (regular contracts)  
  •  Strictness of employment protection - temporary contracts  
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►   (annual)    
 This dataset contains statutory and national minimum wages.    

  • Statutory minimum wages in national currency units, at current prices


  • Real hourly minimum wages in USD exchange rates or  in USD PPP

  • Minimum relative to mean and median wages of full-time workers  
► Trade union density, members and employees (annual)


  • Collective bargaining coverage  
  • Trade union membership and trade union density  
  • Trends in industrial disputes  
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