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Pension systems are very diverse across OECD countries and broadly aim at providing individuals with an adequate retirement income while preserving sound financial prospects. 

The OECD promotes policies that improve the preformance of pension systems. Most pension frameworks currently need to adjust to the long-term population ageing trend and to difficult macro-economic and financial conditions.

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 Country summaries: Pension Policy Notes

These 2-page .PDF notes summarise the main features of countries’ pension systems and the policy challenges each of them faces. Each note identifies two key pension policy measures which would help improve the performance of pension systems depending on countries’ current socio-economic situation.  

Situation in 2019/2020 (with more countries coming soon):

Situation in 2015:

In-depth country Reviews of pension systems

Reviews provide an in-depth analysis of the different components of countries’ pension systems. They suggest various ways through which pension systems would need to adapt to respond successfully to the challenges ahead.   

  • Workshop on Improving the pension income prospects of EU Member States: Lessons from the Pension Reviews (Nov. 2019)

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