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Migration for Employment - Bilateral Agreements at a Crossroads


The publication presents an overview of bilateral agreements and other forms of labour recruitment of foreigners in a number of OECD countries (Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States) and in the Philippines and Romania.

The publication addresses a number of questions concerning worker recruitment agreements. Why do countries sign bilateral agreements? What kinds of workers are covered? How are the agreements implemented? What is the impact of such agreements on labour markets, on economic development and on migration policies in sending and receiving countries?

Published 7 Dec. 2004
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Table of Contents of the publication:
Overview of Bilateral Agreements and Other Forms of Labour Recruitment 
Daniela Bobeva and Jean-Pierre Garson
Chapter 1. Migration for Employment Policy in Switzerland:
An Overview of the Current Situation and Future Challenges
Manuela Florez
Chapter 2. Bilateral Labour Agreements Concluded by France
Henri de Lary
Chapter 3. From Labour Emigration to Labour Recruitment:
The Case of Italy
Jonathan Chaloff
Chapter 4. Assessment and Evaluation of Bilateral Labour Agreements Signed by Romania Dana Diminescu
Chapter 5. Employment of Foreigners in and from the Czech Republic  Michal Meduna
Chapter 6. Labour Migration to the United States: Programmes for the Admission of Permanent and Temporary Workers
Jacquelyn Bednarz and Roger G. Kramer
Chapter 7. Principal Labour Migration Schemes in the United Kingdom 
Anaïs Loizillon
Chapter 8. Labour Recruitment for Skill Shortages in the United Kingdom  Nicholas Rollason
Chapter 9. Labour Market Measures Related to Foreign Employment
in Ireland 
Jerry J. Sexton
Chapter 10. Recruitment of Foreign Labour in Germany and Switzerland  Thomas Liebig
Chapter 11. Fighting for the Rights of Migrant Workers:
The Case of the Philippines 
Stella Go
Chapter 12. Seasonal Labour Migration in the Light of the
German-Polish Bilateral Agreements
Marek Okólski
Chapter 13. Recruitment of Nurses in Romania by the Friuli-Venezia-Giulia Region in Italy Jean-Gabriel Barbin
Annex 1A. Principal agreements signed by OECD member countries
Annex 2A. Programme of the seminar on bilateral labour agreements
and other forms of recruitment of foreign workers



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