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International Migration Outlook 2007



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International migration has jumped up the policy agenda in OECD countries. This annual publication analyses recent developments in migration movements and policies in these countries. It underlines the growing importance of inflows of highly qualified workers, temporary workers and students. It highlights the increased immigration from India, China, Eastern Europe and Africa, and confirms the tendency towards the feminisation of this movement. This edition focuses on the employment situation and the participation rate of immigrants, particularly on jobs in the services sector.

This publication also explores policies to improve the management of migration flows, especially those aiming to increase the selection of immigrant workers to respond labour market needs.  It describes measures taken to facilitate the integration of immigrants from their arrival up until they gain full citizenship. International co-operation to improve border control and to combat irregular immigration is analysed in detail. In addition, the report evaluates the impact of the enlargement of the European Union on the flow of immigrant workers into OECD countries. It highlights the growing attention given to the links between migration and development, notably in the context of regional economic integration.


The reader will also find in this publication:

  • Two special chapters on topical issues. The first addresses the challenge of matching immigrants’ education with employment, with the aim of adding value to human capital. The second analyses, for the first time, the importance of the presence of immigrants in the health sector of OECD countries. It also describes the migration policies put in place in OECD countries to recruit this highly qualified labour force.

  • Country notes, together with standardised tables, describing recent developments in migration movements and policies.

  • A statistical annex containing the latest data on foreign and foreign-born population, migration flows and naturalisations.

The Excel™ spreadsheets used to create the tables and charts in this book are available via the StatLinks printed in this book.

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