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International Migration Outlook 2006


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This first issue of the International Migration Outlook (previously published annually under title Trends in International Migration) analyses recent trends in migration movements and policies in all OECD member countries. It includes statistics on long-term international migration inflows that for the first time, have been harmonised by the OECD Secretariat, to the extent possible, for a majority of OECD countries. This volume also contains a description of the flows by category of entry and highlights the diversity of nationalities involved, as well as the size of the immigration population and its contribution to human capital in receiving countries. Particular attention is paid to the rates and determinants of the employment of immigrants, with a focus on the access of immigrant women to the labour market and a review of recent measures put in place to facilitate their integration into the labour force.

The report reflects the increasing interest of member countries in migration for employment, notably in the case of both highly skilled workers, and the related implementation and enhancement of selective policies. Special attention is also paid to pinpoint policies aimed at improving the management of migration flows and combating irregular migration. Integration policies are also reviewed, focusing on the programmes for newcomers, from compulsory language courses to job-oriented initiatives, and to the strengthening of anti-discrimination and diversity measures. Developments in international co-operation are also described, including the links between migration, and development, co-operation in the field of foreign labour recruitment, and international co-ordination for better border control in the fight against irregular migration. Finally, the publication analyses the impact of the recent European Union (EU) enlargement on labour migration flows to OECD countries.


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