International migration policies and data

A selection of chapters from past issues of International Migration Outlook


A selection of chapters published in previous editions of International Migration Outlook ("Trends in International Migration" until 2005):

2010: 1. Public Opinions and Immigration: Individual Attitudes, Interest Groups and the Media

         2. Naturalisation and the Labour Market Integration of Immigrants

2009: International Migration and the Economic Crisis: Understanding the Links and Shaping Policy Responses

2008: 1. Management of Low-Skilled Labour Migration

         2.  Return Migration: A New Perspective

2007: 1. Matching educational background and employment: a challenge for immigrants in host countries         

         2. Immigrant health workers in OECD countries in the broader context of highly skilled migration

2006: 1. Managing migration - Are quotas and numerical limits the solution?

         2.  International migrant remittances and their role in development

2004:  Counting immigrants and expatriates in OECD countries: a new perspective

2003: 1.  Regional Aspects of Migration

         2.  The international mobility of health professionals: an evaluation and analysis based on the case of South Africa

2002: Labour shortages and the need for immigrants: a review of recent studies

2001: Student Mobility between and towards OECD Countries

2000: Comparative Analysis of the Legislation and Procedures Governing the Immigration of Family Members in Certain OECD Countries

1999: Clandestine Immigration: Economic and Political Issues

1998: The Temporary Employment of Foreigners in Several OECD Countries

1997: Immigration and Social Transfers: Analytical Issues and Recent Results


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