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OECD Health System Characteristics Survey 2012


Health is the second-largest public spending area, and growth of health spending has outpaced economic growth. As pressures for consolidation and the need to create fiscal space remain strong, most countries face the challenging task of financing more health expenditure while trying to meet their fiscal objectives. Finding policy levers that can deliver greater sustainability without compromising important achievements in access and quality of health care requires joint efforts between Ministries of Health and Ministries of Finance. The OECD Joint Network on the Fiscal Sustainability of Health Systems brings together Senior Budget Officials and Health Officials. The main objectives of the Joint Network are: (1) to establish institutional dialogue, clarity of roles, and common objectives and vocabulary; (2) to identify and disseminate good practices in managing the budget of the health sector to ensure fiscal sustainability of health systems. The 2012 HSC survey included a section on governance of health system. This information has been used to feed the thinking and provide evidence for the work of the OECD Joint Network.  

‌Fiscal options legally available and implemented in health financing and budgeting


Source: Question 86, OECD Health System Characteristics Survey 2012 and Secretariat’s estimates. Information as of April 2014. 


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