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Doing Better for Children, the first OECD publication on child well-being indicators, was on 1 September 2009. If you would like to be informed when any updates on the child well-being research project are available, please click "here".


UNICEF IRC / OECD /  European Commission
Child Well-being Expert Consultation, May 2009

Monday 25 May - Tuesday 26 May - Wednesday 27 May - Logistics


In recent years UNICEF IRC (2007), the OECD (forthcoming) and the European Commission (2008) have all been active in child well-being research. And although advances have been made in terms of the methods used to operationalise child well-being across countries, there remains the need for a clear consensus on which indicators economically advanced countries should use to monitor the well-being of their children.

The purpose of the child well-being consultation is to develop a shared understanding of a set of data that countries should monitor in order to inform policies for children’s well-being. The consultation will be made up of nine sessions, presented over two and a half days, and culminate in recommendations for indicators and an associated research agenda. Expert participants are invited to freely contribute experience, opinion and evidence to each discussion in regard to conceptual and methodological issues of indicating levels of child well-being across countries.

For a full description of the purpose and agenda of the consultation,
please see: PDF (revised 22 May)

Rapporteur: Laura Lippman

Final List of Participants and biographies

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Consultation Agenda

Day 1: Monday 25 May 2009

14:30 to 15:00

Welcoming comments: convening agencies (IRC, OECD, EC)

15:00 to 16:00 




Session 1: Assessing child well-being in multiple dimensions – why do we do it, what have we learned?

Moderator: Monika Queisser (OECD - ELS/SPD) 
Presenters: Asher Ben-Arieh [paper] [presentation
Kenneth Land [paper] [presentation]

16:00 to 16:30  


16:30 to 17:30   




Session 2: Assessing child well-being by themes – why do we do it, what have we learned?

Moderator: Ferran Casas
Presenters: Candace Currie (HBSC) [paper] [supporting document] [presentation] / Andreas Schleicher (OECD/PISA) [presentation]




Day 2: Tuesday 26 May 2009

09:30 to 10:45   




Session 3: A correct perspective of childhood? The role and responsibilities of indicators for child well-being

Moderator: Rob Sinclair
Presenters: Ivar Frones [paper] [presentation
Sinead Hanafin [paper] [appendix] [presentation]

10:45 to 11:15


11:15 to 12:30



Session 4: Child statistics objective and subjective, for well-being and well-becoming

Moderator: Leonardo Menchini 
Presenters: Janne Jonsson [paper] [presentation]
Anna D’Addio (OECD) [paper] [presentation]

14:00 to 17:30



Session 5: “One size fits all?” A universal CRC-informed international Child Well-being framework with socio-economic, culture specific dimensions? How to reconstruct the framework for monitoring and assessing child well-being. 

14:00 to 14:45



Part 1: Making the best use of available cross country data 

Moderator: Donald Hernandez 
Presenters: Jonathan Bradshaw [paper] [presentation]
Andras Gabos [paper] [presentation]

14:45 to 15:30



Part 2: Positive and negative perspectives of child well-being: Well-being vs. Ill-being

Moderator: Mario Biggeri 
Presenter: Laura Lippman (Child Trends) [paper] [presentation]

15:30 to 16:00

COFFEE / TEA      

16:00 to 16:45



Part 3: Indicators for high and  middle income countries

Moderator: Pascal Wolff (EUROSTAT) 
Presenter: Petra Hoelscher (UNICEF Geneva) [paper] [presentation]                 

16:45 to 17:30



Part 4: Measuring child well-being for informing policy choices            

Moderator: Laura Camfield (Young Lives) 
Presenter: Simon Chapple (OECD) [paper] [presentation]


Day 3: Wednesday 27 May 2009

09:30 to 10:45    



Session 6:  Assessing material wellbeing for children

Moderator: Hugh Frazer 
Presenter: Isabelle Maquet (EC) [presentation]

10:45 to 11:15


11:15 to 13:00

Session 7: Group discussions

13:00 to 14:30


14:30 to 15:30



Session 8: Feedback from the group discussions

Moderator: David Parker (UNICEF IRC)
Presenters: Karen Bloor / Willem Adema (OECD)

15:30 to 16:00


16:00 to 17:30




Session 9: Summing up: Recommendations for cross-country indicators of child well-being and research agenda.

Moderator: Laura Lippman (Child Trends)
Presenters: Dominic Richardson (OECD) [presentation] / Isabelle Maquet (EC)





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