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Looking beyond COVID-19: Strengthening the role of Family Support Services



The COVID-19 pandemic has created new challenges for many families: in addition to health and economic issues, policy measures such as lockdowns, school closures and teleworking from home out considerable stress on families. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted immediate needs such as regarding financial resources or education supports for many vulnerable families who are likely to be most affected by the long-term economic, educational, health, and well-being consequences of the pandemic and Family services can play a key role in helping families cope with this situation. In that sense, the pandemic underscores previously existing challenges for family support services as identified in the new OECD study on Family Support Services across the OECD.

March 2021: New OECD study "Looking beyond COVID-19: Strengthening the role of Family Support Services":

  • Launch Webinar on Tuesday 30 March 2021
    This 2-hour webinar launched a new OECD study on family supports, presenting the overall conclusions of the study, and inviting reactions from different world regions. Participants from across Europe and beyond were invited to tune in and reflect together on how to operationalise the findings to boost the effectiveness of two-generation family support services.
    • Programme: English - Español - Who's who?
    • Full Replay
    • Overview of the OECD study findings Olivier Thévenon, OECD [Presentation] [Replay]
    • Reactions, from:
      • Andrea Torres, Programme Director, Bernard van Leer Foundation
      • Petra Mackroth, Director, Ministry for social and family affairs, Germany 
      • Dr Alina Turner, Co-President at HelpSeeker, and Fellow at the School of Public Policy, University of Calgary, Canada.

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