Adult learning

Event Videos on Adult Learning


ELS Webinar “Workforce Innovation to Foster Positive Learning Environments in Canada"

Katharine Mullock of the OECD discusses testing new approaches to upskill adults and make full use of their skills with Gaëlle Miollan, Sharon Mclennon and Shalini da Cunha. 

ELS Webinar “Engaging low-skilled adults in learning”

Glenda Quintini of the OECD discusses policy measures to engage low-skilled adults in learning with Myriam Colot and Alex Stevenson. 

EC-OECD Webinar: Relevant and innovative adult learning opportunities

Anja Meierkord of the OECD discusses innovation and the relevance of adult learning systems with Melissa Jones and Bjorn Schulz

EC-OECD Webinars: Partnership and financing adult learning

Alessia Forti of the OECD discusses partnerships and financing in adult learning with Tony Saunders and Bridie Corrigan Matthews 

EC-OECD Forum: European Vocational Skills Week

Mark Keese discusses how can we make adult learning work for the future?

Digitalisation is shaping the Future of Work


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