Employment policies and data

OECD Employment Outlook 2006 - Chapter 1 Tables


Chapter 1 - Tables on-line

Please note that the data on employment, unemployment and the labour force are not necessarily the same as the series used for the Statistical Annex of this publication.
For further informations on the OECD Secretariat's projection methods and underlying statistical concepts and sources used for these tables, see at "Sources and Methods: OECD Economic Outlook" and OECD Economic Outlook, No 79, May 2006.


  • Table 1.1. Growth of real GDP in OECD countries
  • Table 1.2. Employment and labour force growth in OECD countries
  • Table 1.3. Unemployment in OECD countries
  • Table 1.4. Real compensation per employee in the business sector in OECD countries


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