The Principles on Effective Public Investment across Levels of Government



Effective Public Investment Line 0


The principles group 12 recommendations into the 3 pillars representing systemic challenges to public investment.

Co-ordinate across governments and policy areas


01.    Adopt an integrated, place-specific strategy

02.    Co-ordinate across sub-national and national levels

03.    Invest at the relevant scale

Strengthen capacties for public investment and promote learning    

04.   Understand impacts and risks

05.   Engage stakeholders at every step

06.   Include private actors and institutions

07.   Build expertise in local partners

08.   Focus on results, capture lessons from experience


Ensure sound framework conditions at all levels of governments


09.   Develop a fiscal framework aligned with objectives

10.   Insist on sound, transparent financial management

11.   Promote strategic use of public procurement

12.   Strive for consistent, quality regulation