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Thematic Review on Adult Learning - Background


Adult Learning takes in account a vast scope of the population, ranging from adults who lack basic literacy skills to the unemployed, and includes learning for vocational and non-vocational purposes.

The thematic review methodology includes national analysis and cross country comparisons.  Countries prepare a descriptive Country Note on the status of adult learning in the country.  It is followed by an OECD review team visit to the country that enables the reviewers to analyse adult learning on the gasis of discussions with the representatives of government, administration, employers, trade unions, firms, practitioners and site visits.

After each country visit, the team rapporteur, with the help of the review team, prepares a Country Note  analysing the mainissues concerning adult learning and policy responses in the country under review.  The Country Note addresses themes such as: purposes and priorities for adult learning; incentives to make learning more attractive to adults; improving quality and efficiency of learning and policy coherence.

The final comparative reports address some of the different issues and policy responses in a comparative perspective, including the insights gathered from the participating countries.  A first comparative report  was published in 2003. A second comparative report will be published at the end of the second round of the activity, in late 2004.

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