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Second drafting meeting: 14-15 October 2004, in Tokyo, Japan


Second drafting meeting: 14-15 October 2004, in Tokyo, Japan

Following the first drafting meeting of the UNESCO/OECD Guidelines on quality provision in cross-border higher education, the second drafting meeting took place in Tokyo, Japan on 14-15 October 2004. This meeting was organised in collaboration with the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

At this meeting, a draft of the UNESCO/OECD guidelines was discussed, as well as a proposal on an international database/portal on recognised higher education institutions. Invitation letters were sent out to OECD and UNESCO Members and stakeholders including higher education institutions, student associations, quality assurance and accreditation agencies, recognition agencies, teachers’ associations, professional bodies, private sector as well as other international organisations. This meeting was upon invitation only.


Opening session

Introduction to UNESCO/OECD Guidelines

Introduction to implementation of UNESCO/OECD Guidelines

Conclusions and next steps

Relevant documents

Invitation letters



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