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Forum on trade in educational services, 23-24 May 2002, Washington D.C, USA


An OECD Forum on Trade in Educational Services created a platform for discussion of the main issues and trends in the global trade of educational services. The forum brought together all the main stakeholders who have an active role in cross-border trade activities in education and training (post-secondary education and training institutions, private sector, students and learners, policy-makers from governments both in education and trade in services, professional associations, etc.).

The first forum took place on May 23-24 2002 in Washington, D.C. Some of the main topics addressed were:

  1. the views of all main stakeholders on the topic of trade in education;
  2. up-to-date information on the current negotiations on trade in educational services at the WTO;
  3. issues and problems with quality assurance of cross-border delivery of education and training; and
  4. illustrative case studies of e-learning activities in post-secondary education and training.

What are the Implications of GATS for Educational Providers and National Education Systems?

Trade in Educational Services: A U.S. University Response

Trade in Educational Services: A European University Response

How can the Global Demand for Postsecondary Education be Met?

Workshop I: What Might be the Outcomes of the Current GATS Negotiations on Trade in Educational Services

Workshop II: National Policies to Promote Trade in Educational Services

Workshop III: Promoting Access to Postsecondary Education: Meeting the Global Demand

Workshop IV: International Competition: Implications for Educational Providers and Students


Opening Plenary Session: First international Forum on Trade in Educational Services


Plenary Panel: Trade in Education Services and Quality Assurance: The Challenges

Plenary: Case Studied in New Cross-Border Educational Delivery Modes

Plenary Session and Open Discussion: Identifying the Major Policy Issues Concerning Trade in Educational Services