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CERI - University Futures: Methodology


The project is based on two types of activity: an analytical and thematic study of the major relevant trends and dialogue with the stakeholders and experts in higher education.  Both activities are contributing to the development of the future scenarios. The scenarios are developed as results of discussions held within in various expert meetings and stakeholder seminars, building on the trend analysis conducted by the Secretariat. They are tested and incrementally improved.

Different models are being used in parallel: meetings involving a single type of stakeholder (government decision makers, teaching staff, students, et.) or involvement in the futures activities of these stakeholders which allow consideration of future scenarios and their repercussions from a single point of view with broad freedom of expression; events that encompass several or all of these stakeholders, making it possible to contrast these points of view and develop a common understanding of the challenges and opportunities ahead; expert meetings with academic experts and stakeholders focusing on a specific theme.


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