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The AHELO Group of National Experts (GNE) and the OECD Secretariat are committed to transparency and the GNE has agreed to declassify a number of official meeting documents (in their original version or in an abridged version). Some documents have been modified between meetings and only the latest revision is available on this site to avoid confusion.


The Feasibility Study Report

All three Volumes of the AHELO feasibility study Report have been published.

Volume 1 on the Design and Implementation of the feasibility study (Full report, Executive Summary).

Volume 2 on Data Analysis and National Experiences (Full report, Executive Summary).

Volume 3 on Further Insights - including proceedings from the March Conference (Full report).

A literature review on the Value-Added Measurement also contributed to this third volume.

 AHELO-Tuning reports on desired/expected learning outcomes

Learning outcomes are statements of what a learner is expected to know, understand and /or be able to demonstrate after completion of a process of learning.

As preparatory work for the draft framework and instrument development in the discipline-specific strands, the OECD worked closely with the Tuning Educational Structures in Europe association and, through that collaboration with a number of recognised experts in the field two reports were prepared on the expected and desired learning outcomes in the two disciplines chosen for the feasibility study. These reports have been published as part of the OECD Education Working Papers and are available free of charge on the OECD iLibrary : Economics report and Engineering report.


Some essential background documents

The project update: this document is updated regularly and is a good introduction to the AHELO project for people who want to go beyond the general information provided in the brochure.

The assessement design: this detailed document explains the approach that is being taken by the Consortium to design and implement the AHELO feasibility study. Among other things approaches to framework and instrument development and validation, project management at the national level, student sampling and implementation are covered. This document was declassified under the code GNE(2010)17.

The analysis plan is derivative of the broader assessment design. It details an evaluation design that specifies research questions posed by the various strands, outlines the best methods of analysis to assess the cross-linguistic, cross-cultural and cross-institutional validity of the instruments being used in the various assessments and context surveys, and charts the sources of evidence to assess the various dimensions of the study. The analysis plan guides a formative evaluation of the study which is structured to deliver data and insights which will assist countries to decide on next steps. This document was declassified under the code GNE(2010)18.


 Archive of all declassified documents

*documents in italics are currently going through the declassification process and are not yet available.


9th GNE meeting (19-20 March 2012)

GNE(2012)1 Progress report

GNE(2012)3 Consortium progress report

GNE(2012)5 Revised interim feasibility study report

GNE(2012)6 Revised interim feasibility study report - Highlights

GNE(2012)11 Institution reports

GNE(2012)15 Analysis and reporting design

GNE(2012)16 Technical standards


8th GNE meeting (28-29 November 2011)

GNE(2011)17 Progress report

GNE(2011)19 Phase 1 progress report

GNE(2011)19/ANN3 Economics assessment framework

GNE(2011)19/ANN4 Economics assessment development report

GNE(2011)19/ANN5 Engineering assessment framework

GNE(2011)19/ANN6 Engineering assessment development report

GNE(2011)20 Interim feasibility report: a revised version of this document was declassified under the code GNE(2012)5

GNE(2011)21 Phase 2 progress report

GNE(2011)21/ANN1 Contextual Dimension framework

GNE(2011)21/ANN2 International scoring manual

GNE(2011)21/ANN3 Sampling manual

GNE(2011)21/ANN4 Institutional coordination manual

GNE(2011)21/ANN5 Test administration manual

GNE(2011)21/ANN6 National Management Manual

GNE(2011)24/ANN2 Dummy tables


7th GNE meeting (7 July 2011)

GNE(2011)12 Progress report (abridged)


6th GNE meeting (28-29 March 2011)

GNE(2011)1 Progress report (abridged)

GNE(2011)3 Progress report on generic skills strand

GNE(2011)4 Progress report on Engineering Strand

GNE(2011)5 Progress report on Economics Strand

GNE(2011)6 Progress report on Contextual Dimension

GNE(2011)6/ANN1 Draft framework for the Contextual Dimension: A revised version of this document was declassified under the code GNE(2011)21/ANN1

GNE(2011)7 Progress report on progress management, translation and TAG

GNE(2011)8 Consortium Initial insight and proposal for phase 2


5th GNE meeting (25-26 October 2010)

GNE(2010)13 Progress report (abridged)

GNE(2010)14 Progress report on the generic skills strand

GNE(2010)16 Consortium progress report

GNE(2010)17 Revised assessment design

GNE(2010)18  Draft analysis plan

GNE(2010)19 Terms of refence for the Technical Advisory Group


4th GNE meeting (15-16 March 2010)

GNE(2010)1 Progress report (abridged)

GNE(2010)2 Progress report on the generic skills strand

GNE(2010)4 Roadmap for the AHELO feasibility study

GNE(2010)6 Revised assessment design: A revised version of this document was declassified under the code GNE(2010)17.

GNE(2010)7 Consortium progress report

GNE(2010)8 Draft analysis plan: A revised version of this document was declassified under the code GNE(2010)18  

GNE(2010)9 Reporting guidelines

GNE(2010)10 Description of the role of the National Project manager 

3rd GNE meeting (18-19 November 2009)

GNE(2009)14 Progress report (abridged)

GNE(2009)17 Call for tender review process

GNE(2009)19 Role of the National project managers 

GNE(2009)22 Participation in the AHELO Stakeholders Consultative Group

GNE(2009)23 A Tuning-AHELO conceptual framework of expected/desired learning outcomes in engineering by Robert Wagenaar (University of Groningen, the Netherlands) - A revised version of this document has become the working paper on Engineering

GNE(2009)24 A Tuning-AHELO conceptual framework of expected/desired learning outcomes in engineering by Julia González (Universidad de Deusto, Bilbao, Spain) - A revised version of this document has become the working paper on Economics


2nd GNE meeting (27-28 April 2009)

GNE(2009)1 Progress report (abridged)

GNE(2009)4 Defining a conceptual framework of desired/expected learning outcomes in economics and engineering: progress report from the Tuning-AHELO project by Julia González (Universidad de Deusto, Bilbao, Spain) and Robert Wagenaar (University of Groningen, the Netherlands) - A revised version of this information has become the working papers on Economics and Engineering.

GNE(2009)7 Proposed terms of reference for the AHELO Stakeholders Consultative Group

GNE(2009)8 AHELO communication orientations

GNE(2009)9 Analytical framework for the contextual dimension in the AHELO feasibility study

GNE(2009)11 Project plan for the adaptation of the CLA instrument for international implementation

GNE(2009)12 Planning AHELO activities at the national level


1st GNE meeting (17-18 December 2008)

GNE(2008)2 Progress report and work plan for 2009-10 (abridged)

GNE(2008)3 Proposed allocation of countries (abridged)

GNE(2008)5 Report of the 1st meeting of the experts on the Contextual strand

GNE(2008)6 Validity and reliability: considerations for AHELO by T. Van Essen, ETS

GNE(2008)7 Securing students’ response rates

GNE(2008)9 Tertiary Engineering Capability Assessment (TECA): Concept Design by Hamish Coates & Alexandra Radloff, Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)

GNE(2008)10 Presentation of ETS Major Field Test in Economics by T. Van Essen, ETS

GNE(2008)11 Selection of Higher Education Institutions (abridged)

GNE(2008)12 Sampling issues, by Jean Dumais, Statscan

GNE(2008)13 Translation, adaptation and verification of test material in OECD international surveys, by Béatrice Halleux-Monseur


Informal meeting of OECD Education Ministers
Tokyo, 11-12 January 2008

Ad-hoc Experts meetings
on the desirability, possibility, and feasibility of an AHELO
Washington, 18 April 2007
Paris, 5-6 July 2007
Seoul, 26-27 October 2007


List of Experts


Background Paper for AHELO (OECD Education Working Paper #25 “Assessment of learning outcomes in higher education: a comparative review of selected practices”, by Deborah Nusche).

This document is also available in Japanese.



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