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The Resilience of Students with an Immigrant Background 

  • Country note from Chile
  • Country note from Denmark
  • Country note from Sweden
  • Presentation Webinar of March 19 2018
  • PISA in Focus #82: How do the performance and well-being of students with an immigrant background compare across countries? (ENG) (FRE)
  • Blog: What can education systems do to support students with immigrant backgrounds? 
  • Infographic

Helping Immigrant Students Succeed at School and Beyond

Untapped Skills: Realising the Potential of Immigrant Students

Immigrant Students at School: Easing the Journey Towards Integration


Working Papers

Birthplace diversity, income inequality and education gradients in generalised trust

The “CHARM” Policy Analysis Framework: Evaluation of Policies to Promote Immigrant Students’ Resilience 


Policy Briefs

Can Schools Help Integrate Immigrant Students (EnglishFrançais)

Can the Performance Gap Between Immigrants and Non-immigrants be Closed? (EnglishFrançais)

What do Immigrant Students Tell us about the Quality of Education Systems (EnglishFrançais)

Do Immigrant Students' Reading Skills Depend on How Long they Have Been in their New Country? (EnglishFrançais)

How Do Immigrant Students Fare in Disadvantaged Schools? (EnglishFrançais)

How Are School Systems Adapting to Increasing Numbers of Immigrant Students? (EnglishFrançais)


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