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In-depth data analysis of OECD-led data initiatives such as PISA and PIAAC, and other international surveys will be used to develop analytical reports and papers on the resilience of immigrant students, the labour market and well-being outcomes of foreign-born adults, and the role education systems can play in shaping attitudes towards migration and public perceptions.


Integration in Education

Integration through Education

Education for Social Cohesion








The thematic policy fora will provide a venue for interested countries to identify and discuss country-specific challenges, policy responses and implementation strategies aimed at ensuring that education systems effectively integrate immigrants in schools and advance broader social integration and social cohesion goals.  


Thematic Policy Fora

3rd Policy Forum, 12-13 February 2018

2nd Policy Forum, 21-22 September 2017

1st Policy Forum, 9-10 May 2017


Reports will identify a defined set of policy challenges for participating countries and draw on a combination of data analysis and policy review to provide member countries with evidence to help them deal effectively with the challenges of increased migration flows. 


 Country Reports




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