Early childhood and schools

Starting Strong III: A Quality Toolbox for ECEC – Action area 3: Selecting a strategy option


Tools to help you assess current strategies and identify possible alternative strategies for each of the five policy levers:


Setting out quality goals and regulations

Summary of strategies for setting quality goals

Country examples

Challenge 1: Building consensus on the goals
Challenge 2: Aligning goals to stimulate quality provision

Challenge 3: Implementation – translating goals into actions

Summary of strategies for designing and implementing quality standards and regulations

Country examples

Challenge 1: Securing financial means for quality enhancement in ECEC

Challenge 2: Lack of transparency among different providers

Challenge 3: Adaptation to local needs

Challenge 4: Implementation

Challenge 5: Managing private provision

Designing and implementing curriculum and standards

Summary of strategies for designing and implementing curriculum

Country examples

Challenge 1: Defining goals and content

Challenge 2: Curriculum alignment for continuous child development

Challenge 3: Dissemination and communication about the framework

Challenge 4: Effective implementation

Challenge 5: Systematic evaluation and assessment

Improving qualifications, training and working conditions

Summary of strategies for improving workforce qualifications and training 

Country examples

Challenge 1: Improving staff qualifications

Challenge 2: Workforce supply

Challenge 3: Workforce retention

Challenge 4: Workforce development

Challenge 5: Private provision

Engaging families and community

Summary of strategies for engaging families   

Country examples

Challenge 1: Lack of awareness and motivation

Challenge 2: Communication and outreach

Challenge 3: Time constraints

Challenge 4: Increasing inequity

Summary of strategies for engaging communities  

Country examples

Challenge 1: Lack of awareness and motivation

Challenge 2: Communication and outreach

Challenge 3: Dysfunctional communities

Challenge 4: Co-operation with other services and other levels of education

Advancing data collection, research and monitoring

Summary of strategies for data collection and monitoring  

Country examples

Challenge 1:Lack of data on demand and supply of ECEC places

Challenge 2: Lack of data on workforce quality and working conditions

Challenge 3: Lack of data on financing and costs

Challenge 4: Lack of data on child development

Challenge 5: Lack of data and information on the quality of ECEC services

Challenge 6: Lack of feedback cycles 

Summary of strategies for research  

Country examples

Challenge 1: Need for more evidence on the effects of ECEC and cost-benefit analysis

Challenge 2: Under-researched areas or areas with newly growing interest

Challenge 3: Lack of dissemination




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