Early childhood and schools

Starting Strong (Early Childhood Education and Care) Network


The Network upholds the mandate of the Education Policy Committee to assist countries to develop effective and efficient policies for education and learning to meet individual, social, cultural and economic objectives.  The network aims to support the development of approaches and good practice in the field of early childhood education and care (ECEC) policy in participating countries by:

  • Developing, sharing and disseminating information on experience, research and good practice of country experiences in the field;
  • Serving as a clearing house of new policy research in the field and identifying new areas for fruitful policy research and analysis; 
  • Identifying data development needs and contributing to the development of methodology for  developing such data;
  • Organising workshops on selected policy themes; and
  • Facilitating contacts among researchers, policy-makers and practitioners and among other international networks in related fields.

OECD ECEC Network Common Understandings on Early Learning and Development
Early Learning and Development: Common Understandings is based on policy and statements of practice in ECEC network jurisdictions. This report identifies some of the latest research on the importance of the early years, along with specific guiding ideas and questions derived from policy experience, practice and research to increase the quality of early childhood education and care policies, programmes and curricula.

The Starting Strong Network was hosted by Kind en Gezin (Belgium) for the period January 2007- April 2008. The Network's current Chair is Ms. Tove Mogstad Slinde (Norway).

Norway-OECD High-level Roundtable, Oslo, 23-34 January 2012
Starting Strong: Implementing Policies for High Quality Early Childhood Education and Care



Ms. Yuri Belfali (OECD, Head of Division)
Directorate for Education and Skills
Tel: +33 1 45 24 92 96

Ms. Miho Taguma (OECD, Senior Policy Analyst)
Directorate for Education and Skills
Tel: +33 1 45 24 92 65

Ms. Mernie Graziotin (OECD, Assistant)
Directorate for Education and Skills
Tel: +33 1 45 24 93 29