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PISA - Untapped Skills: Realising the Potential of Immigrant Students


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PISA - Untapped Skills: Realising the Potential of Immigrant Students


A country’s success in integrating immigrants’ children is a key benchmark of the efficacy of social policy in general and education policy in particular. The variance in performance gaps between immigrant and non-immigrant students across countries, even after adjusting for socio-economic background, suggests that policy has an important role to play in eliminating such gaps. Yet education policy alone is unlikely to fully address these challenges.

Untapped Skills: Realising the Potential of Immigrant Students was jointly produced by the countries participating in PISA, the experts and institutions working within the framework of the PISA Consortium, the OECD Directorate for and the OECD Directorate for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs. It offers an in-depth look at the various factors, including language and socio-economic disadvantage, that can impede the full integration of immigrant students into their host societies.

Table of contents

  • Chapter 1: Overview of immigration regimes and education systems
  • Chapter 2: The performance profiles of immigrant students
  • Chapter 3: Mastery of the assessment language and reading outcomes
  • Chapter 4: Immigrant students' age at arrival and assessment results
  • Chapter 5: Parental education, immigrant concentraion and PISA outcomes
  • Chapter 6: Post-secondary attendance of immigrants in Switzerland and Canada

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