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Draft Action Plan for Better Lower Secondary Education in Norway


Draft Action Plan for Norway



During 2011, the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research has prepared a White paper on Quality in Lower Secondary Education in Norway. This education level plays a crucial role within education systems. It often marks the end of compulsory education, when students consolidate basic skills and provides a bridge to their educational future, whether academic or more vocational.

To support Norway’s policy development and implementation strategy, between end 2010 and 2011, the OECD has provided Norway with comparative analysis and recommendations, had consultation and discussions in Norway and organised the OECD Seminar for Norwegian Leaders in Education Improvement in Ontario, Canada.

Improving lower secondary schools in Norway   (publication)

This report focuses on raising student achievement in Norway by enhancing teacher quality, focusing on school improvement, smoothing student transitions all within a framework of aligning policy implementation to the specific needs of Norway.


OECD study visit to analyse the strengths and challenges of the Lower Secondary Education system in Norway (Oslo, 14-17 December 2010)
During this visit, the OECD-Norway Steering Group analysed key issues to improve lower secondary education in Norway. There was an exchange with a wide array of Norwegian education actors, such as: the Minister of Education and members of the Ministry, regional authorities, union representatives (teachers and students), parents’ representatives, researchers and school level actors (school principals, teachers, parents and students). Preliminary recommendations for Norway were formulated during the visit based on these exchanges and preparatory work.

OECD-Norway Workshop on Lower Secondary Education in Norway (Oslo, 8 February 2011)
The OECD-Norway Steering Group presented its preliminary recommendations and received feedback on how to make these most suitable to the Norwegian context. The workshop had 65 participants from different education areas involved in lower secondary education in Norway. The main subjects discussed were: 1) a diagnosis of the main strengths and challenges of the Norwegian Lower Secondary education system and the recommendations; 2) the comparative analysis on lower secondary education policies and practices across OECD countries and; 3) international practices relevant to Norway.




"You don’t have to be bad to get better"

Blog by Minister Halvorsen
posted June 23, 2011 on educationtoday.


"Working together to improve lower secondary schools"
Blog by Beatriz Pont
posted July 7, 2011 on





Improving Lower Secondary Schools in Norway (OECD, 2011)


Beatriz Pont, Senior Analyst
at the OECD and
project manager
of Improving Schools



How the OECD Norway review and OECD Seminar contributed to lower secondary reform in Norway


Norwegian Minister
of Education
Kristin Halvorsen




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