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Improving Schools




The OECD supports individual OECD member and partner countries in the effective design and implementation of education reforms.


The OECD Improving Schools Reviews follow the OECD’s increasing efforts to strengthen education reform capacity across OECD and partner countries through different components:

  • Tailoring comparative analysis and recommendations: OECD Recommendations are specific to country reform needs and are based on a study visit to the country, comparative analysis and research evidence from previous OECD work on the country and the topic.
  • Engaging key stakeholders: Consultation and engagement through organized consultation and engagement workshops for key national stakeholders to: discuss key messages, encourage reflection and facilitate reform consensus.
  • Developing a reform action plan through the OECD Seminar for Leaders in Education Improvement: Creating capacity in policy design and implementation through a tailored seminar that combines a country visit with academic training. During their four-day visit, participants develop a comparative perspective, exchange ideas and experiences with country leaders and work together on an implementable reform action plan to bring back home. For more information, please click here.
  • Working with an OECD Steering Group: A specialized experts’ group combines international and OECD educational policy expertise with policy and implementation knowledge to guide the work, provide analysis, advice, support and liaison.


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