Early childhood and schools

Equity in Education Thematic Review (2003-2006)


The Equity in Education Thematic Review aims to draw policy lessons on how to improve equity in education by looking at specific equity challenges countries are facing. These include equity in compulsory education and variability in results across students and schools, early school leaving, different educational pathways and how they might be having an impact on equity, and the integration of migrants and minorities in the education system.

Ten countries are participating in the activity - Belgium (Flemish region), Finland, France, Hungary, Norway, the Russian Federation, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. Each participating country prepares an analytical report on equity in education. Additionally, five of the countries (Finland, Hungary, Norway, Spain and Sweden) have opted for the full-scale thematic review strand, which includes a country visit by an OECD review team and the preparation of a Country Note. All strands of work feed into the preparation of a final comparative report.

  • Country Analytical Reports  (Analytical reports prepared by participating countries.)
  • Country Notes  (Country-specific analyses (Country Notes) prepared by teams of reviewers who undertake case study visits to the countries concerned.)
  •  (The report No More Failures: Ten Steps to Equity in Education aims to offer a comparative perspective on how different countries have responded to their equity in education challenges.)