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Centre for Educational Research and Innovation (CERI) - Evidence-based Policy Research in Education


Within the broad domain of CERI studies on research, innovation and knowledge management, a new research focus emerged in 2003. It built on recommendations by the CERI Governing Board, which stressed that evidence-based policy research is a vital complement to other practical and innovative processes in teaching and learning and should not be neglected by policy makers as a source of innovation.
The project centred on a series of workshops which brought together key players in research and policy to exchange experiences and practices. The workshops reviewed the main aspects of evidence-based policy research – methods, costs, and capacity - discussed what constitutes evidence for research in education, how that evidence can best be utilized, and possible solutions to challenges observed by participating countries.
Evidence-based Policy Research in Education consisted of four workshops held between 2004-2006. The project has led directly to the new CERI project . The publication stemming from this project: Evidence in Education: Linking Research to Policy was released in June 2007.





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