• 1-March-2005

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    Economic Policy Reforms: Going for Growth, 2005 Structural Policy Priorities, Summary Table

    Over the past decade, the gap in GDP per capita relative to the United States has widened in a number of countries, including the large continental European economies and Japan. The gap is linked to lower hours worked per capita, lower output levels per hour worked, or both. This table gives the summary of structural policy priorities for all member countries to enhance GDP per capita. The policy priorities are identified on the

  • 6-December-2004


    Learning for Tomorrow's World: First results from PISA 2003

    Learning for Tomorrow's World: First results from PISA 2003 presents initial results from the PISA 2003 assessment. The report goes well beyond an examination of the relative standing of countries in mathematics, science and reading. It also looks at a wider range of educational outcomes that include students’ motivation to learn, their beliefs about themselves and their learning strategies.

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  • 28-April-2004


    OECD Handbook for Internationally Comparative Education Statistics: Concepts, Standards, Definitions and Classifications

    For well over a decade, the OECD has developed and published a broad range of comparative indicators that provide insights into the functioning of education systems. These provide crucial information on the functioning, evolution and impact of education, from early childhood through formal education to learning and training throughout life. They provide an opportunity for each country to see its education system in the light of other

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