Process quality, curriculum and pedagogy in early childhood education and care

This paper reports the findings of an integrative review of the literature conducted to gain insight into the relationship between process quality, curriculum and pedagogy. Process quality attends to those aspect of early childhood education and care (ECEC) provision associated with children’s interactions and experiences in the ECEC setting, including with peers, adults, materials and other resources. Process quality is considered an important mechanism for moving quality ECEC provision beyond structural dimensions of quality alone (e.g. child-to-adult ratios, minimum space requirements). Curriculum and pedagogy in this paper examines the definitional relationship between teaching and learning, with this relationship having implications for the extent to which identified features of the ECEC curriculum may be used to leverage increased process quality. This paper finds that defining the relationship between curriculum and pedagogy is required to facilitate the use of curriculum as a lever for process quality according to the socio-cultural context in which ECEC is intended for young children

Available from May 26, 2021

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