Innovation in education

Papers, "Lessons in Danger", International Conference on School Safety and Security, Paris, 12-14 November 2003


Part I. Risk assessment
1. Development of risk analysis tools in Australian post-secondary institutions (Rick Draper)
2. Risk assessment in schools in France (Jean-Marie Schléret)
3. Examining school safety in Korea (Sun Hwa Yoon)

Part II. Crisis planning and management
4. Approaches to school security in Japan (Takayuki Nakamura)
5. Crisis planning and management in New York City (Benjamin B. Tucker)

Part III. Infrastructure approaches
6. Review of security in school design in Ireland (John Dolan)
7. Safety of school buildings in Greece (Emmanuel Baltas)
8. Projects for safer schools in the United Kingdom (Chris Bissell)
9. The educational sector action plan for natural disasters in Mexico (Jaime de la Garza Reyna)

Collaborative approaches
10. Comprehensive approaches to school safety and security: An international view (Margaret Shaw)
11. Creating safe and caring learning communities in Canada: Together We Light the Way (Sandra Dean, Kenneth Leithwood and Lucie Leonard)
12. Strategic tripartite alliance in establishing a safe school programme in Malaysia (Tie Fatt Hee)
13. VISIONARY: A European Internet portal on violence prevention in schools (Thomas Jäger and João Amado)
14. Violence in schools: A European perspective (Peter K. Smith)

Part V. Education, training and support
15. Education and training in emergency management in Australian schools (Dudley McArdle)
16. Training students to respond to emergencies in Armenia (Yelena Badalyan)
17. Major hazards education in France (Sylvette Pierron and Michel Thomas)


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