Innovation in education

Papers from OECD/PEB Experts' Group Meetings on Evaluating Quality in Educational Facilities, 2005


Theme 1: Defining Principles and Criteria for Evaluating Quality in Educational

Maryland 2003 State-wide School Facilities Assessment
Allen Abend

Anything Goes: Beyond Defining What a Good School Is
Christian Kühn

Potential Problems and Challenges in Defining International Design Principles for Schools
Teresa Heitor

Establishing Norms to Construct Quality Schools in Central America
Kurt Lange

Quality Framework for School Evaluation and Consequences for School Design and Assessment
Lutz Oertel

Quality Indicators in the Design of Schools (QIDS): A Tool for Assessing School Design?

Sebastian Tombs

Formulating Guidelines to Design and to Use and Manage Educational Buildings in Innovative Ways: A Case Study in Saudi Arabia
Rodolfo Almeida and Luis Benavides

Incorporating the Principle of “Flexibility” in the Design of Educational Spaces
Giorgio Ponti

Theme 2: Identifying methodologies to measure these criteria

Working to Improve Quality in Educational Buildings: Examples and Perspectives from Portugal
José M. Freire da Silva and Rosa Oliveira Melo da Silva

Pendão School in Lisbon: A Post-Occupancy Evaluation in Progress
José M. Freire da Silva and Chris Watson

“Evaluation of School Buildings Indices Quality System” in Greece: A Tool for Decision-Makers
Emmanuel Baltas

The Development of Guidelines and Regulations on Quality in Mexico’s Educational Facilities
Carlos Bocanegra and Jaime de la Garza

Bringing Post-Occupancy Evaluation to Schools in Scotland
Chris Watson and Keith Thomson

Post-Occupancy Evaluation in Brazil
Sheila Walbe Ornstein

Innovation in education
Pedro Guillermo Ramon

Theme 3: Towards an International Methodology for Evaluating Quality in Educational Facilities

Implementing Surveys in an International Context: An Overview
Claudia Tamassia

Research into Identifying Effective Learning Environments
Kenn Fisher


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