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CELE Exchange is the journal of the OECD Centre for Effective Learning Environments (CELE) (formerly PEB Exchange  – the OECD Programme on Educational Building). It addresses issues related to providing a quality educational infrastructure in a cost-effective way. Recent themes covered include innovative and environmentally sustainable design, asset management, science facilities, libraries, seismic safety and campus development.

CELE Exchange informs its readers – educators, policy makers, architects, managers and others concerned with schools and universities – of international events, recent publications and research, member countries' experiences and OECD activities promoting the efficient planning and management of educational facilities.

Spanish version: PEB Exchange, la revista de la OCDE para la construcción y el equipamiento de la educación

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October 2012

Articles: Norway’s day-care initiative: a municipal approach; School closures and community revitalisation: the case of Óbidos, Portugal

April 2012

Articles: Designing and constructing an exemplar zero carbon primary school in the city of Exeter, United Kingdom; Managing the university campus: Exploring models for the future and supporting today’s decisions.


December 2011

Articles: High performance school buildings in Portugal: A life cycle perspective; Well-being at school: does infrastructure matter?; The future of the physical learning environment: school facilities that support the user; Enhancing the early childhood development system in Yakutia (Russia): meeting the challenges.


August 2011
Articles: Ireland’s generic repeat design schools programme; A review of university facilities in Turkey; Schools of the Future” initiative in California; Have all the costs of closing a school been considered?


March 2011
Articles: The Kunskapsskolan (“the knowledge school”): a personalised approach to education; Making visionary design work at policy level and in practice; Transforming pedagogical ethos into an effective learning environment; User participation: a new approach to school design in Korea.

November 2010
Articles: Alternative Education Spaces in Mexico; How intuitive design in schools can be achieved by engaging with the consumer; Can the physical environment have an impact on the learning environment?; Rebuilding for the community in New Orleans.

July 2010

Articles: Space to develop: How architecture can play a vital role in young children’s lives; Technology-enabled active learning environments: an appraisal; The concept of “Educational Campus” and its application in Spanish universities; Public school revitalisation in Detroit; A gender perspective on educational facilities

March 2010

Articles: OECD review of the secondary school modernisation programme in Portugal; Flexible and alternative approaches to providing school infrastructure in Alberta, Canada; European design types for 21st century schools: an overview; Developing international campuses of excellence in Spain; The impact of school design on academic achievement in the Palestinian territories.


October 2009
Articles: Monitoring the Quality of School Buildings in Belgium’s Flemish Community; Evaluating Quality in Educational Spaces: OECD/CELE Pilot Project; Sustainability Innovation in United Kingdom Schools.

June 2009
Articles: School Buildings in Today's Crisis; Portugal's Secondary School Modernisation Programme; Rebuilding Schools after the Wenchuan Earthquake: China Visits OECD, Italy and Turkey.

February 2009
Articles: Including Pupils with Special Educational Needs in Schools in Ireland; Campania Region’s Educational Quality Facilities Project; An Australian Approach to School Design; San Diego’s Capital Planning Process.


PEB Exchange


No. 64 - October 2008
Articles: OECD Work on Future Educational Environments; Open Plan Schools in Portugal: Failure or Innovation?; A Second Chance School in Hungary; In Slovenia, Šoštanj Primary School Collaborates with Its Community; Dalry Primary – An Innovative Scottish Case Study.


No. 63 - June 2008
Articles: Special Primary School Complex in the United Kingdom: Booker Park; A Flexible School for Early Childhood Education in Italy; Primary School Architecture in Portugal: A Case Study; Sustainable Education Campus in Spain: Nature and Architecture for Training.

No. 62 - February 2008
Articles: Modernising Portugal’s Secondary Schools; New Zealand: Modernising Schools in a Decentralised Environment; Changing School Architecture in Zurich; US Academic Libraries: Today’s Learning Commons Model; Implications of Curriculum Reform for School Buildings in Scotland; Evaluating School Facilities in Brazil

No. 61 - October 2007 - Special Green Issue
Articles: Japan’s Eco-school Programme; School Buildings in Greece: The Bioclimatic Challenge and a Photovoltaic Pilot Project; Using Minimum Energy in Ireland’s Schools; Sustainability Actions in Australia; Green Buildings in Use: Post Occupancy Evaluations; Lessons learned in the United Kingdom

No. 60 - June 2007
Articles: A New Creative Learning Centre at a Girls School in Australia; South Africa’s School Infrastructure Performance Indicator System; Ireland’s Cherry Orchard National School; The Netherlands’ School Building Prize 2006; Improving School Earthquake Safety in India

No. 59 - February 2007
Articles: Higher Education Facilities: Issues and Trends; "Intelligent" Primary School Project in Italy; School Security Assessment Programme in Australia; Serious Incident Management in Australia

No. 58 - November 2006
Articles: Education Facilities for Young Children; Public-Private Partnerships in Flanders; Accessibility Programme and School Restoration in Lisbon; Design Quality Indicator for Schools in the United Kingdom; Queen Margaret University College's Sustainable, Community Campus

No. 57 - February 2006
Articles: Articles: Evaluating quality in educational facilities – Feature; The Mawson Centre in Australia - access for all to education services; Ireland's refurbished St. John's Central College; Progress on evaluating school buildings in Scotland

No. 56 - October 2005
Articles: Structures for learning in New Zealand; The University of Salamanca’s new campus; School grounds in Austria; An urban renewal school project in Italy; Planning, designing and managing higher education institutions – Feature

No. 55 - June 2005
Articles: The National Maritime College of Ireland; Selecting an asset management system for school buildings in Quebec; Energy-efficient renovation of educational buildings; Creating 21st century learning environments – Feature

No. 54 - February 2005
Articles: ICT and Educational Property Management; Building Schools for the Future in the United Kingdom; Ireland’s Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions; Italy’s Intelligent Educational Training Station; Joinedupdesignforschools in the United Kingdom; The Netherlands’ Firebird School: Two Flexible Cluster Buildings

No. 53 - October 2004
Articles: Creating 21st century learning environments; School property funding in New Zealand; Crime prevention through environmental design; Post occupancy evaluation in Scotland; School facility projects in Latin America – Feature

No. 52 - June 2004
Articles: Evaluating Montbrillant lower secondary school in Switzerland; Science and technology facilities – Feature; Low energy schools in Ireland; Australia's first Public Private Partnership school project; The United Kingdom's part-privately funded Business Academy Bexley; Portugal promotes art and school heritage

No. 51 - February 2004
Articles: Hungary modernises its schools through PHARE; Norway improves its school design; International organisations for safer schools; An innovative school revisited: Leith Academy and the projects that followed – Feature; A meeting place to learn in rural Iceland; A new library for Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology; The Lycée français in New York, a showcase for the French-speaking community; A building development plan at Laval University, Quebec; Book review

No. 50 - October 2003
Articles: A new educational infrastructure agency for Belgium’s Flemish community; Clicks, bricks and spondulicks – Feature; An industrial building converted into a girls school in Australia; Korea’s school grounds projects; Sierra University in Mexico; An environmentally sustainable development in Australia; An ultra energy-efficient school in Quebec

No. 49 - June 2003
Articles: The urban complex in Cattolica, Italy; Current concerns for Austrian school facilities; Evaluating school facilities in Portugal; Designing tomorrow's school – Feature; Educational facilities in Slovenia; Library environments and organisations: opportunities or constraints?; Designs for learning in the Knowledge Age; Attracting and retaining effective teachers; Netherland's school building prize; Scotland to improve school estate; Reorganising primary schools in Portugal

No. 48 - Feb. 2003
Articles: School safety in France; New South Wales School Design Projects; Review of Building Quality Using Post Occupancy Evaluation - Feature; Two Vocational Training Schools in Quebec; Australia's Oak Valley Aboriginal School; Public/Private Partnerships in Quebec.

No. 47 - Oct. 2002
Articles: EMSOM, the vocational training school in south-west Montreal; Hungary's German School of Budapest; Design Down process: designing a school in Iceland with its users; A few facts about universities in Slovakia; Tertiary education infrastructure in the United Kingdom - Feature; Book review.

No. 46 - June 2002
Articles: The Australian Science and Mathematics School, Flinders University, South Australia; The Lycée Maximilien Perret in France; School Works in the United Kingdom: a new approach to local school design; Venezuela's Bolivarian Schools Project; Disaster management and educational facilities - Feature; New directions for tomorrow's schools: a personal view from New Zealand.

No. 45 - Feb. 2002
Articles: Japan's standards for school building size; Research and initiatives for a new approach to educational building in Italy; City and Islington College, in the United Kingdom; Hungary's educational community centres; Educational building in Latin America - Feature.

No. 44 - Oct. 2001
Articles: An International Campus in Switzerland; The Relationship Between Capital Investment and Pupil Performance: An Analysis by the United Kingdom; The School of the Future - Feature; Different Possible Futures for Schools and Their Buildings: The OECD Scenarios; The Intelligent School; The Impact of Time on the Design of Learning Environments; The Learning Environment: Reflections on the Function of Facilities.

No. 43 - June 2001
Articles: Florence Symposium on Lifelong Learning; The United Kingdom's Classrooms of the Future; Living as Students: Bologna 2000; The Amsterdam Watershed - Feature; School Reform and Construction in the Province of Rovigo, Italy; Facility Benchmarking Trends in Tertiary Education -- An Australian Case Study; School Building Organisation in Greece.

No. 42 - Feb. 2001
Articles: Learning through Landscapes; School Design and Management: Three Examples from France; Towards a Learning Society: LETA 2000 - Feature; The Multifunctional Digital Centre: A Concept for Developing Countries in the Electronic Age; Schools for the 21st Century: Are You Ready?; The Role of Principals in Environmental School Development; Learning and the Physical Environment: The Nordic Network for the Development of Tomorrow's Schools; Public Building Managers; Innovative Alternatives in Learning Environments.

No. 41 - Oct. 2000
Articles: City Learning Centres for the 21st Century (United Kingdom); School Premises and Violence; Invention, Maintenance and Renewal of Urban Educational Facilities - Feature; New Technology and Education in Finland; The Science Resource Area in the State-of-the-Art High School (USA).

No. 40 - June 2000
Articles: New York's School for the Physical City: Architectural Design Concerns; The Library of the Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium; The Changing Infrastructure of Tertiary Education - Feature; Debate: Wired Versus Wireless; Book Review: Raising Standards: Opening Doors produced by the DfEE, United Kingdom.

No. 39 - Feb. 2000
Articles: Providing for Disabled Students: University of Grenoble, France; Designing Schools for the Information Society: Libraries and Resource Centres - Feature; Turkey's Basic Education Programme; Improving the Performance of the Higher Education Estate: UK Research; Useful Web Sites for Tertiary Education; Book Reviews: Violence ordinaire by Michel Vuille and Dominique Gros, and NSTA Guide to School Science Facilities by James T. Biehle, LaMoine L. Motz and Sandra S. West.

No. 38 - Oct. 1999
Corrigendum, p. 22.
Articles: Editorial - Evaluating Educational Facilities; Award-Winning Use of Glass at the University of Nantes, France; The School 2001 Project in Pendao, Portugal; Austria's Training Firms; School Libraries in the Information Society - Feature; An Update on Asset Management Plans in the United Kingdom; Energy Performance Contracts for the Quebec School System; Space Utilisation at the University of Sydney, Australia

No. 37 - June 1999
Articles: Higher Education and Disability; Needs Analysis in Belgium's Flemish Community; School Construction in the United States; After-Hours Use of Schools - Feature; Study Support in Extra Time in the United Kingdom; Book Reviews: Strategic Management of College Premises by Ken Ruddiman, and The School Walls, Reflections on School Design by Marie-Claude Derouet-Besson

No. 36 - Feb. 1999
Articles: The Netherlands' School Building Prize; Educational Building and Decentralisation in Mexico; School Science Laboratories; UK Asset Management Plans; An Innovative School in Torcy, France; An Albanian Model School; Educational Facilities in Korea; Useful Web Sites for Education and Building.

No. 35 - Oct. 1998
Articles: Ice Storm: Reacting to a Natural Disaster in Quebec; Architectural Competition for a Secondary School in Switzerland; The Netherlands' Study House: New Designs for New Pedagogies; Teaching Environmentally Sustainable Design; A Visit to Three Parisian School Libraries; Useful Web Sites for Education in Governments

No. 34 - June 1998
Articles: Schooling for Tomorrow - CERI; Libraries and Resource Centres for Tertiary Education; The Ecologisation of Schools in Austria; A Child-Sized School (France); Useful WWW Links for Architecture, Libraries and Research; Announcing Three New PEB Publications.

No. 33 - Feb. 1998
Articles: Greece - Architecture and Design for a Learning Society; The Innovative Pilot High School at Poitiers; PEB Conference on the Use of School Grounds for Learning; Useful WWW Links for Educational Building.

No. 32 - Oct. 1997
Articles: Eco-schools - the Environment and Schools Initiative (ENSI); Thematic Review of Tertiary Education; The Waite Campus: industry, research, and educational collaboration; Post occupancy evaluation; Providing a secure environment for learning; Under One Roof: Integrated community service provision in OECD Countries

No. 31 - June 1997
Articles: School safety and earthquakes; Planning schools for lifelong learning; Ecological school building in France; Flexible use and further education; Defining school capacity; The Moller Centre in the UK

No. 30 - Feb. 1997
Articles: The impact of buildings on student achievement; Lifelong learning facilities in Japan; Change in Albania; Decentralisation in the Netherlands; Small remote schools; Radical strategic planning

No. 29 - Nov. 1996
Articles: Education for industry; Trends in post-compulsory education; Industrial training in Canada (Quebec); Integrating general and vocational education (Sweden); The British approach to Further Education; New South Wales vocational Education (Australia)

No. 28 - July 1996
Articles: Statistics corner (International); Frankfurt nurseries (Germany); French nursery school; Belgian nursery school; St. Martin site, University of Cergy-Pontoise (France)

No. 27 - March 1996
Articles: Planning and Designing Higher Educational Facilities (International); The "University 2000" Plan (France); University physical-resource management (Sweden); Facilities management at ANU (Australia); The New Zografou Campus (Greece); The University of Quebec at Montreal (Canada); Austrian "Fachhochschulen"; New Designs for Higher Education (USA)

No. 26 - Nov. 1995
Articles: Leeds College of Music (UK); ICS celebrates its 40th anniversary (Netherlands)

No. 25 - Aug. 1995
Articles: Broadening the uses of school buildings (International); Cable in the classroom (USA)

No. 24 - April 1995
Articles: New schools in Japan; Opening up the school: A question of architecture (France); Design patterns for American schools (USA); Management of Aalborg University (Denmark); The benefits of year-round schools (USA); The Quebec Building Trades School (Canada)

No. 23 - Oct. 1994
Articles: Kawasaki City High School (Japan); Tea Tree Gully College (Australia); Trends in vocational education (France); Yum Kwang Girls Commercial High School (Korea); Extending the school day and year (USA); City school sites (USA)

No. 22 - June 1994
Articles: Special education in Sweden; New Orleans and "exceptional" children (USA); Schools and mentally handicapped (Belgium); "Educating Peter" (USA); Changing the university year? (UK); University of Tilburg library (Netherlands); A new school for London (UK)

No. 21 - Feb. 1994
Articles: Clustering in the USA; Schools for Australia's Aborigines; Elementary education in rural Turkey; Karesuando School, Kiruna (Sweden); Revitalising rural industry (Quebec, Canada); Secondary education in the East Tyrol (Austria); Education infrastructure in rural areas (International)

No. 20 - Oct. 1993
Articles: After-school care in Sweden; Danish local authorities and child care; "Education Extra" (UK); The Dukeries Complex (UK); Providing for children after school in Quebec (Canada); After school in New York (USA); Community use of schools in Maryland (USA); Caring for children in Geneva (Switzerland); Children's activities in Lyon (France); Developments in the Czech Republic; Hirtshals elementary school (Denmark); Indoor air quality (USA); The consequences of local management (UK)

No. 19 - June 1993
Articles: 94 000 classroom inspections a year (USA); Thinking BIG in Austria; Educational reform in Spain; Opening a new school with effectiveness (USA); European health and safety regulations; Pittsburgh's Nationality Rooms (USA)

No. 18 - Feb. 1993
Articles: Block Grants in Denmark; The College Campus of the Future (UK); College of Discoveries, Setubal (Portugal); The "Lycée International", St. Germain (France); Property Management - New Zealand's Reforms

No. 17 - Oct. 1992
Articles: Planning for Alternative Future Use (Australia); Port Adelaide College of TAFE (Australia); Managing Dutch Polytechnics; Learning from Experience (UK); Alternative Use in Greece; Renovating "Lycées" in Ile-de-France (France); A Question of Quality (USA)

No. 16 - June 1992
Articles: Furniture and Ergonomics (Spain); New Furniture for Science and Technology (UK); UGAP (France); Variety, Mobility and Compatibility (International); The Need for Furniture Standards (UK); Furnishing Design of the Vaasa School (Finland); Keeping the Technology Up to Date (Australia)

No. 15 - Feb. 1992
Articles: Liverpool Polytechnic (UK); The University and the City (France); From Boilerhouse to Offices (Australia); Award-winning Santa Fe Community College (USA); Award-winning Belle Valley (USA); The Houseboat school (Austria); East St. Louis Blues (USA)