Implementing Education Policies

The OECD Directorate for Education and Skills offers tailored support for countries to develop and implement their school education policies in ways that guarantee the quality and equity of their education system.

Areas of work

Our Policy Assessments take stock of reforms, policies, and change strategies.

The resulting publication consists of an analysis of their strengths and challenges, and provides concrete recommendations for enhancing policy coherence and implementation.

Our Strategic Advice supports education stakeholders in the implementation process. It is tailored to the needs of countries and jurisdictions.

Support can range from the reviewing of policy documents (e.g. white papers or action plans), contributing to strategic meetings, or facilitating the development of tools that help implement specific policies.

Our Implementation Seminars engage and build the capacity of stakeholders in the development or review of policy documents and action plans.

Generic framework for effective education policy implementation



Based on the literature and on the OECD’s work with countries and jurisdictions, education policy implementation refers to a multidirectional process that aims to translate specific policy objectives into concrete education changes. An effective implementation process encompasses smart policy design, inclusive stakeholder engagement, a conducive environment and a coherent implementation strategy.