“What works” conference Supporting Success and Productivity: Practical Tools for Making your University a Great Place to Work (3-4 September)










Higher education is going through a period of unprecedented change, with pressure to improve quality, increase efficiency and open up access. Internationalisation, accountability and engagement are expected. As they compete for reputation, funding and students, they are increasingly competing for highly-skilled faculty and staff who have choices about where to work.

Universities must address:
• the positive impact on performance that highly-motivated staff can make;
• the cost of unwanted turnover, sickness –absence, and drains on productivity;
• policies and practices that affect recruitment, retention and performance.

This international conference will bring together institutional leaders, managers and researchers at the cutting edge of these issues. It will showcase important new employee support and research initiatives, address the practical forms interventions might take, and how academic institutions can promote a healthier balance between life inside and outside work.


Following the seminar, if you would like to be part of the new international network or receive information, please contact d.i.harrison@bham.ac.uk


Participants list and Programme

Complete list of participants
Programme of the conference


Workshop presentations


Tina Suvajac Lees  
An enabling approach to supporting employees

Arlene Earley Carney, Karen Zentner Bacig, Robin Matross Helms
New faculty orientation at the university of Minnesota, Twin Cities, USA.

Barbara A. Taylor, Martijntje M. Kulski
Supporting early career research for women in academia.

Lucy Schulz, Vanessa Matthews, Sam Jacob
Workplace culture: essential ingredients for success.

Richard James, Elizabeth Baré
Implementing integrated strategies for enhancing staff motivation and satisfaction: the university of Melbourne approach.

Paloma Sánchez, Susana Elena, Rocio Castrillo
The ICU report: an intellectual capital proposal for university strategic behavior.

Charles F. Harrington, Billie Jo Hunt
Aligning faculty performance expectations with institutional vision.

Kanishka Bedi, Michael A. Goldberg, Evelyn Gullett
Improving effectiveness, academic growth and collegiality among faculty.

Kate Tapper, Christian Carter, Dr Magdalena Bak-Maier
Defining and shaping a positive working environment.

Susan Hudson, Ivan Skaines
Developing and managing staffing strategy in a large Australian university: a case study from the university of western Sydney.

Gertrude J. Fraser, Dawn E. Hunt
Enhancing faculty recruitment and diversity at the university of Virginia.

Shard Lorenzo
Building success, productivity and workplace confidence through flexible work practices and family provisions.


PowerPoint Presentations


Arlene Earley Carney, Karen Zentner Bacig, Robin Matross Helms

Barbara A. Taylor, Martijntje M. Kulski

Kate Tapper, Christian Carter, Magdalena Bak-Maier

Susan Hudson, Ivan Skaines

Gertrude J. Fraser

Charles Harrington, Billy Jo Hunt

Yehuda Baruch

Shard Lorenzo

Richard James, Elizabeth Baré

Vanessa Matthews

Tina Suvajac Lees

Kanishka Bedi

David Harrison

Christine Musselin

Timothy O'Shea


PowerPoint Presentations of the Plenary Session


Cathy Trower

Janet Lawrence

Amy Richman




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