Trends in Research Management and Support


The place of research at universities is changing, as the massification and diversification of the student population continues. Although universities are still responsible for the greater part of basic research in OECD countries, they are increasingly carrying out more applied research. In this field they face growing competition from other higher education institutions and from other providers.


At the global level, development such as Internet publishing and increased mobility contribute to reducing the distance between researchers. At the same time, funding for research is becoming more competitive; and in the hard sciences at least infrastructure costs are becoming prohibitive for many institutions. Paradoxically, in a context of internationalisation and rapid technological change, the importance of relationships with industry in the institution's home region is growing.


Three major themes researched in different project subgroups, and in seminars and meetings:

* Research management and support within institutions (strategic planning, internal structures)
* Sources of funding and associated issues
* Research training and research as a career (for example the mobility between public and private sectors and internationally, the age profile, the gender issues, etc.)

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